Colour Charts

Pick a timber stain or dulux powder coat colour for your security door or window

Security Door Frame Colour Charts

Match your door frames to your home decor - see the below colour charts.

Standard Dulux Powdercoat Frame Colours

When you choose your new security door or security window it’s important to match the frames to complement your existing home colour scheme. We use Dulux powder coat colours for our standard frames. This is the easiest and most economical way to colour your new door or window. If you choose a non-standard colour from the Dulux powder coat range we will need to confirm the colour and price before we manufacture your new door or window.

To the right are the standard frame colours we use on metal or aluminium frames.


Custom Colours for Door and Window Frames

If there is a particular colour you need to match your homes colour scheme we can arrange for your security door or window frame to have a custom colour. Just ask us for a price and we can arrange it whilst we are manufacturing your product.

Timber Look Stain for Security Doors and Security Windows

Timber stain on aluminum gives a timeless and sophisticated look to your security doors and security windows. We have a choice of several different stains available from DecoWood. A timber look print is transferred to the aluminium frame to achieve the look of natural timber.

See our Timber look colour stain charts below.


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