IntrudaGuard Aluminium

Tempered 5052 marine grade aluminium.
IntrudaGuard Aluminium
Unrivaled Strength: Rigorously tested for impact and jemmy attacks.
Wide Viewing Angle: Enjoy a 119° expansive perspective.
Seamless Integration: Custom-made to complement your home's design.
Enhanced Airflow: Unobstructed ventilation for comfort.
Durable Material: Marine-grade aluminum for long-lasting protection.
Effortless Maintenance: Corrosion-resistant design for easy care.

Discover Unrivalled Home Security with Knight and Day Protection: IntrudaGuard® Security Screens

Elevate your home's safety with the pinnacle of security solutions - IntrudaGuard® Security Screens, offered by Camden Security Doors. Our commitment to safeguarding your haven is unwavering, and that's why we present IntrudaGuard® Security Screens as the ultimate choice for both effective and visually appealing protection. These innovative screens, crafted from first-rate perforated aluminium, offer an unparalleled 119° viewing angle, ensuring not only security but also an enhanced visual experience.

Stringently Tested for Unyielding Strength and Resilience

Our IntrudaGuard® Security Screens undergo rigorous testing to adhere to the highest Australian standards. Through impact assessments, jemmy attack simulations, and pull tests, we ascertain their formidable strength and structural integrity. When you choose our screens, you're choosing comprehensive defence against intruders and the peace of mind that your home is fortified.

Tailored Precision for Your Unique Space

We acknowledges that your dwelling deserves safeguarding without compromising its elegance. Whether constructing a new residence or retrofitting your existing property, our security screens are meticulously tailored to your specifications. Embracing a stylish and cost-efficient approach, our screens blend seamlessly with your home's aesthetics, ensuring a protection solution that doesn't impede the allure of your space.

Unmatched Value and Flexibility in Design

IntrudaGuard® Security Screens offer exceptional value, transcending the conventional diamond grille screens in both visual appeal and functionality. Beyond security, they facilitate transparency and airflow, contributing to your home's climate control and potential energy savings. With an array of sizes and decorative finishes, our screens cater to every corner of your living space, ensuring a harmonious fit.

Holistic Defence for Every Portal

It's an unsettling fact that windows and doors are often vulnerable entry points. With IntrudaGuard® Security Screens, you extend fortification to every access point. Meticulously engineered to withstand forced entry, our screens have undergone relentless testing against impacts, jemmying attempts, and even knife assaults. Fabricated from robust marine-grade aluminium, they boast enduring protection against corrosion, ensuring long-lasting security.

Seamless Elegance and Effortless Maintenance

Knight and Day Protection firmly believes that security shouldn't come at the cost of style. IntrudaGuard® Security Screens present unobstructed vistas and unhindered airflow, eliminating the need for unsightly bars or grilles. Our cutting-edge bonding process eradicates visible fixings, enhancing both aesthetics and maintenance ease. Designed to endure and resist corrosion, our screens maintain their allure with minimal upkeep.

Place Your Trust in IntrudaGuard®

Your home's safety is paramount, and IntrudaGuard® Security Screens are the embodiment of reliability. Supported by Capral Limited, our screens are distributed through a network of esteemed fabricators. With a proven track record in security solutions, we invite you to embrace a new echelon of safety and assurance for your cherished abode. Choose IntrudaGuard® - your security, our pledge.

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7 year warranty
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